How Fast Can a Bank Foreclose in New Jersey? Stopping Foreclosure NJ

Being behind on your mortgage on your NJ home, you are most likely thinking how can I start the process of stopping foreclosure NJ?  How does the foreclosure process work?  What options do I have in stopping foreclosure NJ?  How fast do I need to move out of my house?  Since NJ is a judicial foreclosure state the process must go through the court system which is much slower than the non-judicial process and have much more protections for homeowners in default.  Here is the breakdown of the process.

60 Days into the Process

The first thing that has to happen is for the homeowner to miss at least one payment. Usually the bank won’t act until you have missed three payments in a row but it depends on the terms of your mortgage and the bank’s backlog of loans in default.  The next step is for the bank to notify the homeowner by certified mail 30 days before it begins any action as per N.J.S.A. 2A:50-56.  This will tell you what you can do to rectify the default which usually says you have to bank the balance in full.

The Court System

30-90 days in the bank will file an official complaint with the court and you would receive this a copy as well.  You will have 35 days to answer this complaint.  You could answer to contest the complaint but if you do not answer it means you admit that you are default and the bank has a correct claim.  After this the case will move into the Office of Foreclosure where the County will review the case and makes sure everything is in place in terms of paperwork and evidence.  A judgement will be passed allowing the bank to sell your house in a sheriff’s sale where they will try to sell the property for enough money to cover the mortgage.

Sheriff’s Sale

If the bank intends to sell it, and in most cases they will, they must advertising the sale weekly for four weeks in a local newspaper.  This may be longer if the bank has a large backlog of foreclosures.

Due To Backlogs, Foreclosure In New Jersey May Take Much Longer

You have a minimum of four to six months from the first missed payment to a sheriff’s sale, in theory.  But in reality, you have much more time.  Foreclosures in NJ are notorious for taking a long time since there is a backlog due to the 2008 housing crises.  NJ has the 2nd largest foreclosure timeline in the country after NY.

Stopping Foreclosure NJ

Up until the final judgement from the court you can always catch up on missed payments and late fees.  Even up until the Sheriff Sale you can “redeem” the property by paying off the loan, refinancing or participating in a loan modification plan.  You can always file for bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy only works if all of a consumer’s debts are handled through the bankruptcy court, so the law cuts off all outside measures.

Bankruptcy does no remove the mortgage from but it does allow you more time to fix your finances and get back on track with your payments.  It could erase your unsecured debts and free up enough cash each month to make your mortgage payments doable.

Alternative Option

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