Selling My Rental Property: The Advantages

 Advantages To Selling My Rental Property

I’m sure your original goal was to build up some cash flow from rentals and become financially free.  However, if you’re reading this then you’ve probably learned over the last couple of years that the rental business is tough.  No one likes dealing with dead beat tenants, stopped up toilets, and a home that was destroyed by people that could care less.

The worst part of it is when you have to come out of pocket for the repairs and monthly mortgage when you thought you would have 300 to 500 extra dollars in your pocket each month.

The reasons most New Jersey landlords think about selling my rental property.

Reason number 1: You’re tired of the headaches and the negative cash flow each month.  No one likes to pay for others to live in their property.

Reason number 2: You need money to pay off debt, send your kids to college, or help out loved ones that are in need.

Reason number 3: The economic area is changing and you no longer want to own property in that area.  For better or for worse the quality of living changes over time in certain areas.  If you’ve held the property for a long time, depreciated it over multiple years, and you don’t see the value in keeping it then now is the time to sell it for cash.

If you asked yourself about selling my rental property or are curious on how the process works… and want to see what we can pay you for your house… you can get that ball rolling in a couple ways.

Give us a call today at (908) 912-6701: We’ll ask a few basic questions about your house… and within 24 hours we’ll make you an offer on your house. No Obligation at all. If the price works for you. Great! We can close on your timeline… in as little as 7 days.

Go fill out this really short and simple form with your basic house info: We’ll evaluate the property as soon as we get it today… then we’ll call you with a formal offer on your house in less than 24 hours.

It’s really simple.  You pay no fees. No commissions.

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